I’ve been in Brighton for the past week, and I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of the foods that they have to offer here. Brighton is known for being one of the best spots to visit if you want to get out of London for a bit, so it only made sense for me to come down here for a visit whilst I’m travelling through London.

If you’ve never been to Brighton before, then you’re missing out! It’s pretty well known for it’s nightlife and of course, for it’s pier and waterfront. And with any good waterfront comes a host of different ice creeam parlours to try.

I don’t need to be asked twice, and after my partner bought me a cheap ice cream maker in the summer I’ve been hankering for more and more ice cream. Of course, the ice cream I make myself isn’t quite on par with professional ice cream, so I tried a few of the best ice cream parlours in Brighton whilst I was there.

  1. Cloud 9


Cloud 9 is one of the better known places to grab a delicious ice cream when you’re in Brighton. But they don’t just deal in ice cream – the shop is dedicated to selling anything sugary and sweet. They have some of the best cake around (I can vouch for that, don’t you worry!).

You can choose between a traditional cone, or if you’re trying to avoid gluten like me, then you can instead choose to have your ice cream in a tub. Whilst it isnt cheap, it’s definitely one of the best ice creams that you’re going to find when you’re in Brighton.

2. Jojo’s Gelato


Jojo’s in another awesome choice if you’re looking for a true gelataria. You can find it over on Western Road, which is one of the more well known roads in Brighton.

They’re probably best known for having some of the craziest recipes when it comes to ice cream, with their Red Bull sorbet being amongst some of the weirdest tasting sorbets that you’ll have tasted. They also have a pomegranite sorbet that’s to die for, so if you’re there it’s probably worth giviing it a try.

3. Scoop and Crumb


Another one of the more known places to visit when you’re in Brighton is Scoop and Crumb. They have a wide variety of different ice creams and cakes (as the name suggests!). You can see some of the more ‘alternative’ flavors above, with the apple and plum crumble being some of the more popular!

One of the more annoying things about this place is that there was no free wifi, which probably isn’t an issue for most but it was for me whilst I was there!

I’m hoping to extend this list next time I get the chance to head down that way, but for now, here’s 3 of the best ice cream parlours in Brighton.