If you’re off to a festival in the summer, then getting your stuff there can be an absolutely nightmare! For the majority of festivals, you’ll have to walk at least 20-30 minutes to get to your camping location. I don’t know about you, but carrying all of my stuff that distance sounds like a bit of a nightmare

Fortunately, that’s much less of an issue now that we have festival trolleys! They generally make things a million times easier, and you don’t have to be concerned about carrying your stuff for miles. If you’re interested in getting a festival trolley, it’s important that you get the best festival trolley for you.

But what makes a good festival trolley? Is it a good set of wheels, or is it having enough room to fit all of your beers? Well whatever you need in a festival trolley, we’re sure to help you find what the best one is for your specific needs.

Best Festival Trolley

Hoppa Lightweight Trolley

If you want a super lightweight trolley, then it could be worth looking at this one. Made by Hoppa, it’s not the most dynamic and interesting trolley you’ll ever see – but it definitely gets the job done.

It’s completely waterproof, which of course is one of the main aspects of getting yourself a festival trolley. This might not be so important if you’re going to Burning Man, but if you’re going to Coachella or Glastonbury then you’ll definitely want to make sure that your trolley is waterproof. It’s made from a good quality polyester, so you can be sure that you don’t need to worry about the rain getting in to your bag.

One thing that you also might like about this particular festival trolley is that the wheels are very easy to remove. Why would you want to remove the wheels? Well, it’s primarily for storage reasons. A festival trolley can get in the way when you’re not using it, which is probably the majority of the time.

If you want a simple to use festival trolley, then it’s worth considering this one for a basic but good quality festival trolley.

Bigger Trolley Dolly

Sometimes, you might want somehting a little bigger for your festival belongings. Lets face it – with some festivals lasting up to a week, you may need a lot of different changes of clothes in that time. If this is you, then it’s worth looking at this festival trolley as an option. It can carry a lot more stuff than your standard trolley, which can be an issue.

One thing that you might like about this festival trolley is that it’s available in a multitude of different colors. There’s a really wide variety, so you’re likely to find something that would suit you.

It’s also foldable, which means that you can easily put it away as storage. You don’t need to be concerned about it taking up too much space, as you can easily fit it into your garage without too much hassle. It will also fit into the boot fo your car relatively easily too.

If you want a larger festival trolley that you can easily remove – meaning that you can use the trolley itself for a multitude of different things, like carrying heavy water jugs – then this may be a great option for you.

dBest Middle Trolley Dolly

One of the most important things for a festival trolley dolly to be is waterproof. And this is definitely the case with this model – you won’t need to worry about your stuff getting soaked if it happens to rain at the festival you’re heading too.

It contains 7 different compartments in which you can put your stuff. It has;

  • A handy beverage holder –Β If you’re carrying water with you everywhere you go, then it’s worth getting a trolley that has a beverage holder. That means that if worst case your drink does spill, then you can keep your water separate from the rest of your stuff.
  • Rear pocket –Β This trolley has a rear pocket, which is handy if you want to keep stuff separate from everything else. A good option if you have a lot of stuff and don’t want to get it confused with each other!
  • A separate inner pouch –Β Remember your school backpack where it had a separate pouch for different stuff that you might need? Well, this foldable trolley has exactly the same thing. You can easily use it for other things like your passport, which you likely won’t want to get mixed up with the rest of your stuff.

Amongst everything else, this festival trolley can hold up to 110lbs worth of stuff – pretty awesome seeing as it only weighs around 4lbs itself!

Portal Collapsible Festival Wagon

If 110 or 150lbs isn’t enough for all of your festival gear, you may want to up the weight somewhat. To do this, you might have to spend a bit more and get a different type of trolley. It’s more of a wagon than a trolley, but there’s no denying it’s ideal for festivals.

It can take up to 225lbs, which is more than enough for any festival you’ll be attending in the future. It’s also ideal if you want to sneak someone into a festival, but I won’t advocate that!

What really separates this trolley from the others in the list is the excessive size of the trolley wheels that it uses. They really will work in any sort of terrain, so if your festival may be in a wet or rocky place, then you’ll need to get a trolley with tyres like this one.

Like the other trolleys listed, it’s also easy to put this one away when you’re not using it. If you need to get a good quality festival trolley that will last you a long while, then this is a good option for you.

Whitmor Shopping Cart

If you don’t need a shopping cart that’s made of material, then it can be worth looking for something that’s made of metal. If you’re more concerned with getting stuff like water and alcoholic beverages into the festival, then it’s worth getting something a bit more heavy duty.

If you’re considering getting yourself a metal cage festival trolley, then there aren’t as many options available to you on the market. Because of this, you’ll have to be more considerate about the option that you’re choosing.

It’s especially good for groceries and you can easily set the festival trolley up for multiple uses. As smaller festival trolleys go, it’s a good choice to choose this as you’ll likely find that you can use it for multiple different things. Although it might look like it, you don’t need any tools to set this cage trolley up for use either – ideal for on the go.


Overall, a festival trolley isn’t the most important purchase that you’ll ever make but it does pay to invest in a good one. If you get the right festival trolley, then it should last you a while without worrying about having to purchase a new one.

Different festival trolleys vary in quality, so you should be aware of what level of quality it is that you need. If you’re not too concerned about the level of workmanship, then there are a variety of bargains that you can find online. But if you want something a bit sturdier, then you will have to up your budget significantly ensure that you get something that lasts.