Pakistan. Probably not the first country that pops into your head when thinking of holiday destinations, but you’d be wrong to think so. By avoiding the overcrowded tourist spots, you get a chance to explore some of the uncovered gems within different parts of the world. Pakistan is beautiful in a different way to other Asian countries like India, and the distinct lack of tourists will give you an experience that can’t be matched elsewhere.



Probably the most visited city when people visit Pakistan, Lahore still isn’t as populated or hectic as any Indian cities. If you’re a stickler for your own space and don’t let getting caught up in the hustle and bustle that’s associated with other cities, Lahore could be the best option for you.

There are many spots dotted around Lahore that you can go sightseeing; we especially like the Shalamar Gardens as a place to unwind and take in the beautiful architecture.

If you’re looking to see a real treat, then try and travel to Lahore around the time of a religious festival like Eid. This city really does come alive during this time, but be sure to get a ticket a few months before you’re planning to go, as prices tend to hit the roof as many expat locals return to Pakistan for their religious holidays.


As with many places, the capital of Pakistan is definitely worth your time to visit. Named the cleanest city in Pakistan, Islamabad has been ridiculed unfairly in Western culture by the uncivilized who think that it’s name represents terrorism; or something stupid like that. Either way, you’d be the idiot if you missed this one out on your travels, as it’s definitely one of the nicest cities in Asia. Filled with beautiful garden and long, winding lakes Islamabad combines the city feel with a certain rural feel that you might not find in other countries in Europe.


If there’s only one thing that you have time to do whilst in Islamabad and you don’t mind getting out of the city, you simply must go up and visit the city Taxila. An ancient city over 3000 years old, it was named a heritage site in the early 1980s and remains one of those places that you must visit whilst in Pakistan. Unfortunately, many people overlook Taxila, and it isn’t as well known as other historical sites; though that doesn’t make it any less impressive.


Often confused as the capital because of it’s overpopulation, Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan by some distance, so it might not be for you if you aren’t a massive fan of crowds. This is definitely a city you’ll want to note down if you’re a food lover, as there are many delicious markets in Karachi that will have you eating your fill on every night that you are there.




Peshawar is known for being the closest city to Afghanistan; often called the entry of Afghan. But, it’s much more than that as a city in it’s own right, and you’d be a fool for overlooking it as a potential travel destination.


Peshawar is an old city in the Khyber province of Pakistan. Compared to the other cities it’s relatively wealthy, and it’s a definite go if you like hiking or green tea, as the city has walks and tea in abundance. Don’t miss the chance to visit Peshawar!